Gather Data, Effortlessly.

Nimble streamlines web data pipelines, for any business need, at any scale.


Gathering web data
doesn’t need to be hard

Nimble solves data collection challenges from the ground up.
Skip the technical barriers and upgrade to a hassle-free flow.

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    Create Faster

    Setup new web data pipelines
    in minutes instead of days

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    Collect More

    Access any public web data source at any time and enjoy a zero-hassle data flow

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    Deliver Confidently

    Get reliable clean or structured data delivered directly to your storage

The Nimble Way to Gather Data

Get Fresh,
Accurate Web Data

Nimble API streamlines accurate data to your cloud storage with zero engineering complexity. Collect data from any public web source with zero effort.

  • Simple API Interface
  • Fully-Managed
  • Flexible Delivery Methods

See it live.


Access Unlimited Data
At Any Scale

Nimble Browser boosts your data collection ops beyond Selenium and Puppeteer’s limits. Get unlimited access to any public website.

  • Agile Fingerprinting Engine
  • ML Data Structuring
  • Designed for Data Collection

Use The Nimble Browser Today.


Enjoy Modern Proxies,
That Work.

Nimble IP is engineered to deliver consistently high performance over time. Utilize endless premium IPs from any geolocation in the world.

  • Insane Performance
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Hassle-Free Integration

Upgrade today.


Right Data,
Direct Impact.

Nimble’s products enable companies to gather any public web data whether for E-commerce, marketing & SEO, sales, brand protection, and more.


Drive Sales
and Retain Customers

Increase sales and conversions with external-data-powered dynamic pricing algorithms that will keep you a step ahead of the competition, and boost customer retention by analyzing product reviews for key insights into your customers' experiences.

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Rank Higher Faster

Supercharge your SEO and SEM strategies with data-driven methodologies powered by always on, always available data pipelines. Nimble’s data collection technology gives you the tools to accurately track your and your competitor’s rankings, discover critical search phrases, optimize your SEM spend, and much more.

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Generate Leads and Enrich Customers

Increase conversions and focus your sales efforts with external-data powered lead scoring models that will help cut through the noise and prioritize high-potential leads. Better understand and improve customer journeys by enriching customer profiles with key insights and data points.

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Detect Abuse in
Real Time

Discover trademark, copyright, or product abuse as soon as it occurs across any website including social media platforms, E-commerce hubs, search engines, and more. Receive real-time notifications and protect your brand with robust web data pipelines.

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Discover how Nimble's data pipelines can transform your business.