Nimble Browser

Experience Data Freedom

Nimble's novel browser technology takes you beyond the limits of headless and automated browsers, while seamlessly integrating into your existing deployment.

Nimble's novel browser technology takes you beyond the limits of headless and automated browsers, while seamlessly integrating into your existing deployment.

Product Feature

Robust Emulation

Convincingly appear, behave,
and browse like any device in the world

Product Feature


Connects seamlessly with
any existing browser framework

Product Feature


Native integration with Nimble IP and powered by cloud computing platforms

Product Feature


Designed from the ground up to deliver
an effortless data gathering experience

A Browser Designed for Scraping

Access public web data effortlessly

A lightweight automated browser designed from the ground up to meet
dynamic data gathering needs.


An Automated Browser
Built for Data

Automated browsers like Puppeteer, Selenium, and Playwright slow you down.

The Nimble Browser empowers you by automatically managing advanced features such as TLS fingerprints, canvas checking, headers, cookies, and more while being 70% more lightweight.


Zero Infrastructure, Zero Headaches

Eliminate maintenance time and costs with fully-managed infrastructure designed for data collection, including Nimble’s premium proxy network, comprehensive device emulation, and dynamically-scalable elastic cloud environments.


One Line Integration

Upgrade and augment your existing data collection pipelines with a single line of code. The Nimble Browser makes integration painless regardless of which stage your project is in by natively supporting all existing browser automation frameworks.


Pay Only for Successful Requests

Product Feature

Retry Handling

Requests are completely managed by the Nimble Browser from initiation to success for optimal results.

Product Feature


Our always on, always available infrastructure ensures reliable uptime and first-class success rates.

Product Feature

Flexible Delivery

Enjoy flexible delivery options including synchronous, asynchronous, and batch delivery directly to your cloud.

Succeeding where other browsers fails

Agile data collection technology

The Nimble Browser saves you time and boosts success by coming built-in with critical technology that overcomes obstacles invisibly and automatically.

Serverless Infrastructure

Enjoy a fully-managed, zero maintenance workflow that simply works. The Nimble Browser takes advantage of cloud computing technology to dynamically scale up infinitely and handle any workload. Spin up as many or as few browser instances as you need with zero compromises on performance or flexibility.

Built-in Proxies

The Nimble Browser features native integration with Nimble IP - our premium proxy service. Access content from anywhere on the planet using our fast, scalable, and reliable infrastructure, and enjoy a market-leading success rate thanks to our quality-assured proxy pool consisting of only the most reputable IPs.

Multilevel Fingerprinting

Experience unrestricted access to any public web data source with the Nimble Browser’s full-featured fingerprinting layer that operates on the browser, network, hardware, Javascript, and user levels. Overcome WAFs seamlessly and emulate any device, browser, operating system, or combination with high accuracy.

Standard Protocol For

Seamless Integration

The Nimble Browser was designed for full compatibility with all existing browser automation frameworks. Replace your Puppeteer, Selenium, Playwright, or other browser with only three lines of code.

  • Sample code and examples
  • Thorough API documentation
  • Comprehensive API control
  • Fully compatible with all Browser Automation Frameworks
  • Debugging Platform


Try our detailed technical docs and explore Nimble’s Full API functionality.

Novel Browser Technology

Meet the Nimble Browser - a browser redesigned from the ground up to transform data gathering from a painful and arduous process to an effortless flow using unique insights gathered over years of manual data collection ops.

Security & Compliance at the Core

The Nimble Browser meets the highest standards to help reduce cybersecurity burdens and keep your data gathering project safe.

Product Feature

AES encryption

API requests are encrypted with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines.

Product Feature

Compliance First

Our infrastructure and software are designed to be compliant from the ground up.

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