Residential Proxies

The Ultimate Residential Proxies

Bypass blocks and georestrictions with AI-optimized,
premium residential proxies.
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Product Feature
Insane Performance

Requests average 0.25s response time

Product Feature
AI Optimization

Personalized & Intelligent IP selection on every request

Product Feature
Global geotargeting

Granular geotargeting by country/state/city

Product Feature
Auto-scaling Infrastructure

Build on a platform that seamlessly grows with you

Insane Performance From Any Geolocation

Nimble IP's premium residential proxies boast lightning-fast response times of just 0.25s per request,
coupled with the freedom of unlimited concurrent requests.

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Residential Proxies with Smart AI Optimization

Our advanced AI optimization engine curates and optimizes residential proxies for every request,
ensuring you're matched with the ideal IP for your specific needs.
Experience higher success rates and superior performance.

Rotating & Sticky IPs
with modern features

Boost your success rate and cover new territory by harnessing the latest and greatest residential proxy innovations. 

  •  Country, State & City Geotargeting
  • ASN Locking for durable session retention
  • Optional IPV6 IPs

Budget control and
Enterprise Level Analytics

Control budgets, gain insight into your usage, and
organize your projects seamlessly in Nimble’s User

  • Real-time usage data with detailed reports
  • Streamline, organize, and monitor your projects with Pipelines
  • Manage your spending with per-pipeline budget caps

Empower your business
using Nimble’s Residential IPs

Dynamic pricing icon

Dynamic pricing

Outcompete rivals and take advantage of unique opportunities with dynamic pricing algorithms powered by data from:

  • Track organic listings across unlimited keywords in real-time.
  • Discover new keywords and search terms.
  • Discover new keywords and search terms.
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Review analysis

Collect product review data from around the web and use it to analyze sentiment and gain insight into:

  • New feature ideas
  • Unknown marketing opportunities
  • Unexpected product issues
Brand Protection icon

Brand protection

Automate your brand protection efforts by systematically scouring the major marketplaces for:

  • Unauthorized brand mentions
  • Counterfeit products
  • Copyrighted Logos, images, and symbols And more.

Modernized Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure that Scales with You

Nimble’s deep residential proxy pool scales automatically to handle any workload by combining state-of-the-art cloud computing with Nimble’s AI engine.
Sleep well, knowing your mission-critical projects are always online with flexible billing plans and auto-renewal options.

Built-in Compliance

Nimble’s Residential Proxy Network comprises millions of authentic residential IP addresses, contributed by real individuals who have willingly joined our ecosystem.

We at Nimble have taken every measure to ensure compliance with all applicable data protection laws, including but not limited to, GDPR in the EU and CCPA in California, honoring requests to exercise privacy rights.

Private and Secure

At Nimble, we’ve taken major steps to ensure your privacy and data are secured. API requests to Nimble’s services are encrypted with AES-256, and we store decryption keys on separate machines.

Leverage Nimble IP's Residential premium proxies
for smooth and effortless data collection

Hear from our customers

“Real-time accurate data is critical to the success of the analysis. Nimble is the first tech partner that can support that”

Asaf Shamly

CEO Browsi
“Nimble's proxy services are top-notch. Their commitment to customer satisfaction stands out. Highly recommended."

Tom Zakheym

VP Talent Acquisition, The Vets
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Residential Proxies FAQ

Your Questions About Residential Proxies Answered Here

The Residential Proxy network consists of genuine IP addresses supplied by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These IPs are linked to actual physical locations worldwide, either at a country or city level. Due to their authenticity, requests from residential proxies are notably legitimate, facilitating efficient public data collection.

Residential proxies offer superior success rates in evading anti-bots due to their legitimacy. Furthermore, residential proxies offer highly accurate geotargeting, and large networks allow for requests from specific countries, states, and cities.

Residential proxies are versatile and offer multiple benefits. Nimble’s users typically use residential proxies for:
1. Web Scraping & Data Mining: Websites have mechanisms to restrict or limit requests coming from the same IP to prevent scraping. Residential proxies allow users to rotate between multiple genuine IP addresses, making their scraping activities look like legitimate web traffic.
2. Accessing Geo-restricted Content: Some websites or online services restrict access based on the geographical location of the user. Residential proxies provide users with IP addresses from specific regions or countries, allowing them to bypass these geo-restrictions and access content that would otherwise be unavailable.
3. Ad Verification: Digital advertisers use residential proxies to verify their ads. This is crucial to ensure that their advertisements are displayed correctly and not being subjected to ad fraud. By mimicking a regular user from a specific region, advertisers can check the authenticity of their ad placements and ensure they are being shown to their target audience.

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