Nimble Browser

In the overwhelming majority of cases, we recommend not sending custom headers, and allowing the Nimble Browser to fully control the process. We only recommend sending custom headers in specific situations where you have a deep knowledge of the specific use case at hand, and fully understand which headers need to be sent.

Only successful requests are charged – if the Nimble Browser couldn’t get you the data you requested – you don’t pay. For full pricing information, see our pricing page.

The Nimble Browser is up to 70% faster and more lightweight than other browser automation tools like Puppeteer or Selenium, making it both faster and more scalable than existing browsers.

The Nimble Browser supports existing browser automation tools through its CDP Web Driver interface. For more information, see the Nimble Browser API Documentation.

The Nimble Browser comes with proxies built-in! Nimble’s premium proxy network Nimble IP integrates natively with the Nimble Browser, providing the highest quality peers with global coverage.

The Nimble browser was designed for web data collection, and as such includes a host of tools specifically designed to improve success rates and maximize data accuracy. Additionally, the Nimble Browser was designed with scalability in mind, and can flexibly scale to millions of requests.

The Nimble Browser was built from the ground up by Nimble to provide a better way to access and collect data. It is designed to replace existing browser automation tools and can be operated through either a proxy interface or a CDP Web Driver interface.

The Nimble Browser provides wide-ranging benefits for web scraping including higher success rates, superb data accuracy, infinite scalability, and more. It achieves these benefits through a suite of built-in tools including a robust fingerprinting engine, versatile device emulation profiles, and more that require zero work or configuration on the part of users.